Empowering Indigenous Knowledge through Design
Yá'át'ééh, shí eí Kassie John yinishyé. Diné Bikéyah déé’ naashá. Kótéego Diné asdzání nishłį́.
Kassie John is an Indigenous Designer and Diné Illustrator who specializes in digital storytelling and research-based art.

Kassie is a proud member of the Navajo Nation and shares her heritage with the Hopi and Ute tribes from her maternal grandparents. She is a granddaughter to generations of rug weavers and artists
She weaves together Diné and non-Diné creative practices to empower and carry on cultural knowledge, intergenerational healing, and reclamation with Indigenous Design pedagogies.
She has worked with various Native communities, Tribal leaders, and Indigenous-led organizations across North America and Canada. Her collaborations have included universities in the PAC-12, Ivy-league institutions, Non-Profits, and global fashion brands.
Kassie’s work seeks to tell a story beyond what meets the eye
She brings forward Indigenous stories of culture, language, and joy. 
We all have a story to tell, and it is our duty to recognize these narratives to foster healing and change for future generations.
artist background
•   Independent Artist & Owner of Native Generations
•   Designer & Health Equity Program Coordinator for the Utah Department of Health
•   State of Utah "More than a Flag" Design Subcommittee
•   Walking with Dinétah supported by Monument Lab Re: Generation Grant & the Mellon Foundation
Videos & Interviews
•   Mosaic Narratives Series  |  Magnify Utah, 2022
•   NPR Utah, "What the Final 5 Flag Designs say about us as Utahns," 2022
•   More Than A Flag, "What we heard from the design process," Student Resources 2022
•   KZMU Moab, "Crowdsourcing Designs for a New Utah State Flag," 2022
•   Amazon Prime: The College Tour, "American Indian Student Experience," 2022
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